Friday, July 29, 2011

Garlic descriptions for July 30th market

• Inchelium Red- A softneck variety that is excellent for roasting.  Discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State. One of the best-tasting softneck garlics with a mild but lingering flavor. Will store through January or longer. RED

• Tzan -Tangy & flavorful in sauces, with pasta and for oriental cooking. Also a good raw garlic for those who love adventure. Collected from Shandong province in China originally. Will store through December. GREY
• Chesnok Red- Excellent-tasting hard neck garlic, originally from the Republic of Georgia. Earthy lingering flavor with a unique zesty bite. One of the best baking and cooking garlics. Chesnok means garlic in Russian. Will store through December.       PINK

• German Extra Hardy- Great sliced raw, an addictive garlic taste, with full flavor. Big, easy to peel cloves. Excellent in red sauce: put in at end of heating. Best pesto garlic. Will keep through November. BLUE

• Siberian- An outstanding strain originally grown by peasants for market. The fat, dark brown cloves peel easily and taste strong. Good in stir fry, soups, stews and potato dishes. Will store through December or January. YELLOW

• Thai Purple- Our newest garlic, already a favorite. Originally from Bangkok. A pleasant, spicy raw garlic that leaves a tingle on your tongue. Or add to stir-fry, veggies, salad dressing or dips. Stores to December.  PURPLE