Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Garlic Report 10/28/19

Our last day of selling garlic at the Boulder Farmer's Market was September 28th due to the shortage caused by a weather event last February. We are sold out and are in the middle of planting. (Pausing for the usual October snowstorms) The good news -hopefully- is that half the garlic is already planted and it's not even November yet. Often we don't get it started til late October and finish the last bit on Thanksgiving day so it's nice to have time to plant at a more leisurely pace.

Me planting garlic last November
Today's cold shouldn't hurt the garlic that was just planted because the soil has been really warm and the snow insulates it from the cold. Generally, there is plenty of nice weather in the first 2-3 weeks of November to finish planting.  I consider December 1st the "deadline" because the ground can freeze pretty hard after that.

After planting if I have any leftover bags of smaller cloves or other garlic I don't have room to plant I will post here so you can contact me.

If you are looking for planting garlic Harlequin's gardens has some softneck garlic to sell, but get there quick because Wednesday Oct 30th will be their last day open until the Holiday Market. Boulder Farmer's market has some vendors with garlic. Be sure to look at my planting directions at the top right area under "pages" on this blog.

Thanks for a great Season and I look forward to seeing everyone in the Spring with plants and late summer with Garlic next year! Also check out  Harlequin's Gardens Holiday Sale in late November and December. I will be selling my photo notecards there. https://harlequinsgardens.com/events/