Monday, September 19, 2011

Honeybee News- Dan Rather Report

Most of you know I am a hobby beekeeper besides being the "garlic queen". I have become deeply concerned for the future of the honeybee and the crops that they pollinate. The cable TV show "Dan Rather Reports" had a segment on honeybees and pesticides in Colorado on 9/20. It features my friend Tom Theobald - the Boulder County beekeeper who "broke" the story about the EPA being negligent in protecting honeybees from the newest pesticides.
Here is a link to watching the story  OR
I have been told that almost all commonly used GMO seeds are coated with these pesticides, besides being genetically modified. (Another reason not to support GMO's in Boulder County).
In addition, many of the flower bulbs imported from Holland have these pesticides according to a recent article in Colorado Gardener. Therefore the pollen from these are likely to be toxic to the honeybees- disturbing their central nervous system. If you support me in trying to protect honeybees and want to know how to help please email me at