Friday, April 6, 2012

9 different kinds of kale plants for sale! Come to our first day April 7th!

Delaway        O    Karen’s 2011 favorite. Very sweet and productive
Dinosaur        O    Also called Lacinato, Tuscan, Black Nero. Delicious, gorgeous
Red Winter    O     Very hardy, pretty and good tasting. Eat small or medium leaves
Judy’s Kale    O     Tall, broad leaves, good for bunching. Excellent tasteRed Bor                Vigorous, rugged, crisp with good flavor. Good in smoothies.
Winter Bor            Especially sweet in cold weather, up to 3ft tall
Ruffles           O    Sweet, very cold hardy and productive. Sometimes overwinters
Siberian          O    Very tender leaves are perfect for raw kale salad
Vates               O    Dwarf curly Kale, 2ft tall. Eat baby leaves or full size
(O= from Organic seeds)