Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Swiss Giant snow peas
My son Caley grew his own pea plants to sell, and I grew some too. Now is a good time to plant them outside. Peas are very cold hardy, and it's best to plant them in April or early May.

Types of Pea Plants that WeeBee Farms is selling:
                             Type                      height trellis?
Green Arrow          shelling     65 days    24"     no        high yields, 4" pods, disease tolerant
Wando                  shelling     68 days    24"     no
     heat tolerant heirloom
Frosty                   shelling     65 days    30"     no    cold hardy
Cascadia               snap         58 days    30"      no    juicy 3" pods    Swiss Giant           snow        70 days    6ft  trellis   tasty Swiss
     heirloom, beautiful purple flowers
Super sugar snap    snap        65 days    5ft  trellis    crunchy,
     sweet, disease resistant, high yields
Oregon Giant        snow        65 days    36"    no     large 5",
     broad pods, sweet, heavy yields
Dwarf Grey sugar  snow       66 days    24"    no     delicious
     raw, steamed or stir fried, freezes well

Description: There are two main types. Those with edible pods which include: snow peas and snap peas; and those with inedible pods called garden (or English) peas. Garden peas have rounded pods that are slightly curved in shape, smooth and vibrant green color. Inside the pod are green rounded pea “seeds”.  Snow peas are flatter than garden peas, and since they are not fully opaque, you can usually see the shadows of the flat pea seeds within. Snap peas, a cross between the garden and snow pea, have plump pods with a crisp, snappy texture. The pods of both snow peas and snap peas are edible, and both feature a slightly sweeter and cooler taste than the garden pea.