Friday, September 6, 2013


Caley's Lemon Cucumbers, ready for salad

Our son Caley is the "Cucumber Guy" he plants the seeds in pots, plants the seedlings in late May and helps harvest them every week. His favorite (and our family favorite) are the lemon cucumbers which he sometimes eats like an apple.
He'll be selling them at market from about 10-noon on Saturday. If you haven't tried them before ask him which ones to pick. Here's a recipe for lemon cucumber salad.

 My new favorite are the Asian ones which taste sweet and delicious even when they get huge (which they often do). Our newest cucumber is Japanese Soyu- which is less sweet- and we have English cucumbers which are the long, thin ones with extra tender skin and mild taste. Caley also grows "Muncher" which is a good traditional green cuke.

Japanese Soyu cucumber
Our Harvest helper, Tugger

2013, Catching the harvest
2004, Fall harvest
At Market in 2008