Friday, September 6, 2013

German Extra Hardy- Yum!

We'll have a good amount of German Extra Hardy for eating or planting. It gets its name from its cold-hardiness. This is my long-time favorite garlic for eating fresh. So good on salads, bruschetta, in guacamole, pesto,  hummous, Baba Ganouj and sliced very thin on crackers. For garlic bread, spread it on warm bread after you've mixed it with olive oil and butter. The flavor is super-garlicky, but not bitter. It's often mild, especially at the beginning of garlic season. Eat this one soon, because it's flavor gets hotter with age.

If you cook German Extra Hardy, put it in only for the last minute, and you'll get the maximum garlic flavor. In my opinion it tastes bland when cooked for a long time. (and I've spent many grueling hours tasting garlic...)
We also will have bins of Brown Tempest, Chesnok Red and Inchelium along with bargain bags of other types, variety bags, and variety bags of garlic selected for planting.
Karen at market - photo by Bill Barrett